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WANTED: Creative Innovators for a 2 Day-Workshop in Munich

Hi Innovator, we’re currently working on a project regarding baby skin care products for daily use. For this project we are searching for 5-8 creative minds, who are motivated to take part in a co-creation workshop on October 12th and 13th in Munich. Our goal is to generate first product ideas, packaging solutions or services and exchange our knowledge. Join our workshop team and become an important part of the product development process and develop a new generation of baby skin care products with us.

The workshop offers the participants the possibility to actively engage in the creation of ideas and innovations regarding the next generation of baby skin care solutions. Collaborating in a creative setting, the participants generate ideas and completely new product concepts. This enables interested persons to actively contribute to the product development with their own experiences and thoughts, instead of passively consuming products that are made behind locked company doors. The workshop‘s focus will be set on new technologies regarding skin care product, packaging and services, remarkable ways of ingredients, applications and products for special usage and needs.

To take part in the workshop, you should be very involved in the topic of skin care, baby skin care or care in the broadest sense. In order to include heterogeneous perspectives and experiences into the development of customer oriented solutions, we are looking for different users from various backgrounds with diverse needs and wishes.

Do you have need-knowledge e.g. as a midwife, nurse, dermatologist etc. or solution knowledge e.g. in packaging, textile, ingredients, for extra stressed skin etc.? Then please tell us in 1-3 sentences, why you believe you’re valuable for this project. Thank you!

Vanessa Ramster


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I like to make innovative ideas... and particularly would have in regards to baby skin care products for daily use... My 3T approach slogan is: ''Give me Task, give me Time and discover my Talent...'' :)

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Hi, I'm experienced packaging designer and was a member of many Hyve workshops. I contributed to Hyve community on many contests and was awarded for my creative ideas on Freeride Experience 2015 Contest, Henkel Glue Packaging Contest, BMW Trunk Contest, Ideabird Contest and 4711 Innovation Contest. As a power user my presence and contribution was noticed and I'm sure few people from Hyve team can back up my words, especially Hans Gebauer and Maximilian Rapp.

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