Visionaries Wanted! - Living in the year 2025

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Living in the year 2025. How will that look like? On behalf of Fortum we are searching for
creative people and visionaries, who want to find answers to this question in a creative and inspiring
workshop environment.
Fortum, a leading Nordic provider of energy solutions like electricity, heating and cooling, is
initiator and owner of this project. The co-creation workshop will take place on the 8th and 9th
December, 2016 in Helsinki (Finland). In this workshop we will bring together Fortum company
representatives, HYVE innovation experts and visionaries like you. In different sessions, we will,
exchange thoughts, mutually learn from each other and subsequently build up our visions on
a meaningful living in the Nordic region in the year 2025 (with focus on Finland, Sweden and

Have a look at this PDF for further information.
Kind regards
Dr. Jasmin Vella & Simon Kindler


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Rajiv Sharma

Hi! I am interested. Please review my profile

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