Vodafone Connected X Challenge

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Dear Community,

Time flies and the Vodafone Connected X Challenge is approaching its termination point in 2 weeks. Until now we have received more than 230 great ideas on how to best implement the Narrowband IoT but we believe that even more exceptional use cases can be found!

The modules that are operating within the Narrowband channels have a lot of beneficial features: they are fairly little in size (about 2 cm2), their battery can last for more than 10 years and they have a strong coverage (+20 dB). Moreover, large number of connections are enabled by the network that is easy and cheap to install. Where do you think these characteristics may bring the most benefit? But keep in mind the volume of transferred data is quite low (~20 kbps).

Probably you already have an idea! Share it with is at Vodafone-your-idea.de and participate in the run for the monetary prizes up to 5000€ and a chance to develop your solution together with Vodafone! Be fast: the last day of the challenge is December, 14th.


HYVE Crowd Team


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