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Dear HYVE Crowd Community,

We have just launched a new open innovation contest, in which your ideas are crucial.

There are new lights on the market: Ultraviolet LEDs and they have huge potential – they can be used for sterilization, tanning, plant growth, curing, purification of water and air… Now we want to know how their application potential can be further extended: What are your ideas on home appliances that use UV LEDs? And by the way: UV-LEDs only need a tiny bit of energy!


Start submitting your ideas on the HYVE Crowd contest page!


We are excited to discover your ideas!



The HYVE Crowd Team



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Hilal Alsiyabi

Hi, UV LEDs lights are much practical for nowadays life. Bring the idea home with more brilliant ideas, it is essential to create for a better usage. one of the ideas in mind, that the house wall paper can be developed as a vivid self-enlightened background using UV LEDS. This can serve two purposes in one, as a beautiful design and a light.

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