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The Future Fan Experience contest is looking for innovative solutions for football games of the future! Create the football game of the future with your ideas!

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AirBNB connects

Big282 - 29.01.17
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Big282commented on AirBNB connects.

Hello Kate! Thank you! I also Congratulate you for the third place! And also MVP!

Image (300x300)
Kate Rushtoncommented on Holoportation Football.

Congratulations, really cool and super techie. :-)

Image (300x300)
Kate Rushtoncommented on AirBNB connects.

Congratulations! I am currently renting an AirBnB and would be very happy to invite people here to watch football. :-)

Image (350x350)
Big282commented on AirBNB connects.

In anyways... I think you could just offer it at your place so your place gets more interesting ;)

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