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There is a new type of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) on the market and they are called UV LEDs. They mimic an invisible, energy-rich part of the sun light spectrum and need just a tiny bit of energy for doing that. Those new lights have the power to make your daily household life significantly more comfortable. Their capabilities are remarkable and they are on the verge of integrating into our daily lives. But where, how, and when can we use them? This is the question we need you to answer!

Contribute to the development of new tools, applications and technologies that are enabled by these new sources of UV radiation. Your idea may just be the first application for such LEDs in household appliances and maintenance.

Let’s bring all your ideas to the light of modern technology!

UPDATE: Contest duration has been extended to May 31st!

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Water filtration jug with...
Idea is a water filtration jug with UV light used for water purification but also for a filter diagnostic. Current filters are replaced using...
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UV LED's in swimming pool...
Swimming pools are usually treated with chemical products like chlorine, which can be really harmful to our health. As you may know, chlorinated water...
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Zahnspangen- und Gebissre...
Der Zahnspangen- und Gebissreiniger ist eine kleine Dose, in die eine Zahnspange und / oder ein Gebiss passt. Da sich im Laufe des Tragens der...
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UV Powered Mouth Care Sol...
Many a times people come across situations where the toothbrush starts to smell bad.Even though the toothbrushes are washed properly, but the germs...

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