Engineering the future - Rethinking car body manufacturing

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What does the body of the future look like? The world’s leading car manufacturer, Volkswagen corporation, is constantly working to develop new manufacturing methodes and processes. Joining of different materials and components is highly complex. The use of a wide variety of joining processes creats enormous expense in production. For this reason, Volkswagen corporation is looking for new concepts for a body with lower joint complexity, which can be mass produced. How could such a body look like? Which new joining methods can be used? How can classic joining methods be reduced? Submit your idea and help Volkswagen corporation to develop a new automotive body concept in which the joining effort is significantly reduced!

Energy Services of the Future - Disrupt the energy consulting business

Contest Description

SEAS-NVE is one of the largest energy providers in Denmark. Besides providing electricity, they offer energy consulting as a service in order to help companies reduce their energy spendings. This service is currently operated by trained consultants, who visit companies on the ground, establish reports on their energy consumption and as a final point recommend energy saving measures. In these times, when businesses are becoming digitalized, SEAS-NVE wonders about the changes that this would bring to their consulting services and how it could help them serve SMEs. You are therefore invited to reinvent the existing business model and tell us how you would conceive the future of energy consulting!

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