The HYVE Innovation
Community GmbH

The HYVE Innovation Community GmbH is a young and dynamic company, seated in the center of Munich, which is focused on conceptual design, implementing and managing innovation and co-creation communities. Beside traditional idea management solutions, we also realize online innovation contests, co- marketing and social media campaigns.

What is the HYVE Crowd Contest platform about?

With the help of the HYVE Innovation Community Platform we generate and develop innovative ideas and solutions with the support of creative minds. This platform enables participants to activily exchange their inspirations and ideas.

„The goal is to bring creative minds, makers, doers and experts together on one table, to ensure the best innovative solutions and ideas for the tasks of our clients.

In this way companies, experts and also consumers can take part on projects all along the entire value chain.“

You can also find an overview of our ongoing and already closed contests, projects and campaigns on the website. Next to that, the platform provides a variety of interesting contents dealing with subjects such as design, innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation and social media. We are also updating our news feeds in our blog regularly so you won’t miss any highlights and improvements of our company.

Did we get your attention? Be a part of our community and change the world with your innovative ideas! You are only few steps away.

Become a part of the HYVE Crowd!

We are pleased that you have decided to join our community. The only thing left to do is to create your own profile. As a registered member, you can submit your own innovative ideas to all ongoing contests, comment on ideas and express yourself in the community. You also have the option to register via your Facebook account if you prefer it that way. If you want to register directly here, just follow these easy steps.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us under

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